Do you want to be a carpenter? Simply, you want to make some wooden furniture for your house. But you are wondering what tools you need to get the projects done. 

In fact, professional carpenters need many tools for their job. For newbies or amateur carpenters, you only need to own these 5 best tools for fine woodworking listed below.

Let’s read on!


5 Best Tools For Fine Woodworking

Good-quality saw

One of the essential and indispensable tools for carpentry is a saw. In the past, traditional carpenters used to use hand saws. However, they have been able to save labor by using modern alternatives such as circular saw, jigsaw, or miter saw. 

For craftsmen working in the large job sites, table saws are crucial because they offer versatility and safety in the shop as well as stability and mobility on the job site.

However, with all the table saws currently on the market, choosing the best one for your needs can be a tough matter. You can check out the review on

Besides, for artisans who have to change their workplace regularly, I recommended buying a portable table saw. The reason is they deliver very little in the way of accomplishment while giving the versatility required for modern woodworking or contracting conditions. 

Cordless drill

Traditional carpenters often use screwdrivers to drill nails into wood, a laborious and time-consuming task. Cordless drills were produced to solve these problems.

A cordless drill is a multi-purpose device used for a wide range of maintenance and renovation ideas around your residence, such as drilling to install screws or drilling holes into door frames and drywalls. Plus, it is helpful in heavy-duty jobs.

Claw hammer

Another vital and necessary instrument for the carpenters’ hard hammering jobs is a claw hammer. It is a mallet with one side of the curved head and split, utilized for extracting nails. 

There are many types of claw hammers on the market, but we suggest the 20 oz. hammer with a steel handle for its correct dynamics and excellent grasp while using.


As a woodworker, you should have a chisel to sharpen delicate cuts in difficult corners. Their sizes range from ¼ to ½ inches in length. 

Wooden handles coated with metal are highly recommended for its longevity and high endurance of the repeated hammering.

A little note, you should regularly oil the chisel to maintain its tip-top condition, smooth and sharp.

Tape measures

Last but not least, tape measures are also handy for carpenters, both professionals, and amateurs. There is a wide range of options when it comes to tape measures. It is, therefore, important to know your job to pick the most suitable one accordingly.  

Usually, 25-foot tape measures are preferred. Anything longer than 25 feet will steer you in an inconvenient position while withdrawing the tape back in. 

Wrapping up

Here are the 5 best tools for fine woodworking that a beginner carpenter should have in their toolbox. In case you are wondering which powerful tools to buy for your work, we hope that this article will be informative and helpful to you!