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For beginners to the sport of golf, it is normal to wonder which set of clubs to choose and especially the Driver club. When playing golf, to have a powerful, accurate kick with the driver Club, the player needs to equip themselves with the right driver stick. So how to choose a driver stick is appropriate, To easily solve this problem, please share the expert’s experience through this article.
Things to know when choosing a Drivers golf club
Driver golf, also known as Wood 1 – is the club most used by golfers in hitting. The Driver club is a big hard and hard-headed club used to serve with the help of Tee.

The driver rod is made of titanium material. The titanium strength is strong, light, and durable. So using the driver club will help you avoid the ball direction errors and unwanted ball lines. Understanding the basics of the club will help you to choose the best driver club.

Here are 5 steps to choosing Driver golf clubs for new players
Using the driver club effectively not only requires a club driving technique but also depends on your playing instrument. Therefore, you need to know how to choose the right driver club.

1-Clubhead design and loftGậy driver - Bí quyết đánh gậy driver xa nhất!

The first thing For golfers who are new to the sport, a club head with a large sweet spot area is the right choice as it will help the ball go further and in the right direction.
Currently, there are many Driver clubs on the market, however, the maximum standard size of golf clubs is 460cc. Beginners should choose a club of this size, which makes it a lot easier to practice, however, this club also has the disadvantage of being quite expensive as it is produced. Titanium is made of material, not everyone has the economic conditions to buy. Therefore, you can choose a smaller head club at a more affordable price.
The second characteristic to look out for when choosing a driver club is the lolf-angle. The bigger the Lolf, the bigger the angle of a strike and vice versa. Beginners in the sport should use a club with a lolf of greater than 10 degrees.

Shaft length
The direction of the club shaft has a direct impact on the preparation posture, so before buying the driver club, you need to be especially careful about this. Normally, golfers often choose 45-inch driver clubs to perform their shots.

Handle hardness
The hardness of the handle is also something you should keep in mind when choosing a driver club. Beginner golfers often use the soft-handle approach because it is easy to use. And those with long-term golf experience often choose a club of hardness. So, before deciding to choose a driver for themselves, beginners should consult experts and experienced people in this field. Here is how to choose to buy a fairly effective Driver.

Shaft weight
Normally, to check the weight of the handle, golfers often have the habit of looking up at the handle to see the weight. However, the specifications on the staff are not completely accurate. Get expert and experienced golfers, as it is made from different materials. In short, the club’s grip weight greatly affects the club head’s movement speed.

Notes when choosing the driver stick
The most important thing to do great shots is that players need to be comfortable with their golf club. So before buying a driver club, players should pay attention to the specifications, including the volume of the club, softness, shaft length, club weight, and loft.
Another little trick in choosing a driver club is that the more a club is divided equally into the edge and at the back, the easier it is to use.

Above are some experiences shared by experts on how to choose a driver club for golf beginners to remember.
Hopefully, the article will bring some useful things for you to make the right decisions when choosing to buy Driver golf clubs
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