Nowadays, miter saws have become more and more accessible with people who aren’t even professionals. However, amateurs still have a hard time telling different types of saws apart as they bear some definite similarities.

In this article, we are gonna show you the difference between single and double bevel miter saw, and help you have a better grasp of their unique key features. 

Difference Between Single And Double Bevel Miter Saw 

Cut angles

The first and also the most significant difference that people can easily recognize between these two saws is their cutting angles. 

Using a single-bevel one means you can have only one option in the direction to work on between left or right.

On the other hand, the cuts may be done in both left and right with a double-bevel miter saw. 


For the single-bevel miter saws, flipping the stock by hand is needed to create matching cuts on all sides, which requires exact precision. As mentioned above, this action is unnecessary for double-bevel type.


Pivoting is one crucial factor when it comes to a miter saw. The single-bevel miter saw can only pivot on the left and no vertically 90 degrees excess allowed.

In contrast, no limitation would be set in cutting angles with double-bevel miter saw as it can pivot in both directions. 


Single bevel is usually more comfortable for people to carry while moving around, whereas double bevel is not. The reason lies in the weight of these two units, and double bevel clearly outweighs a single one. 


One more criterion that people would pay much attention to is the price. 

The versatility and multipurpose that double-bevel miter saw provides make it much more expensive than a single-bevel one. 

But single bevel remains a favorable option, as it is more affordable and suitable for amateurs.


Single bevel one is much easier to use, as its targeted users are amateurs and do not specialize in woodworking. 

Contrary to that, the targeted users that double bevel heading towards are professionals who demand precise and high-quality tools. 


Hope that after reading this article, you guys can have a better understanding of the difference between single and double bevel miter saw.

See you next time with other useful reviews in details about home improvement tools!