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Difference Between Single Bevel And Double Bevel Miter Saw In Detail

Nowadays, miter saws have become more and more accessible with people who aren’t even professionals. However, amateurs still have a hard time telling different types of saws apart as they bear some definite similarities.

In this article, we are gonna show you the difference between single and double bevel miter saw, and help you have a better grasp of their unique key features. 

Difference Between Single And Double Bevel Miter Saw 

Cut angles

The first and also the most significant difference that people can easily recognize between these two saws is their cutting angles. 

Using a single-bevel one means you can have only one option in the direction to work on between left or right.

On the other hand, the cuts may be done in both left and right with a double-bevel miter saw. 


For the single-bevel miter saws, flipping the stock by hand is needed to create matching cuts on all sides, which requires exact precision. As mentioned above, this action is unnecessary for double-bevel type.


Pivoting is one crucial factor when it comes to a miter saw. The single-bevel miter saw can only pivot on the left and no vertically 90 degrees excess allowed.

In contrast, no limitation would be set in cutting angles with double-bevel miter saw as it can pivot in both directions. 


Single bevel is usually more comfortable for people to carry while moving around, whereas double bevel is not. The reason lies in the weight of these two units, and double bevel clearly outweighs a single one. 


One more criterion that people would pay much attention to is the price. 

The versatility and multipurpose that double-bevel miter saw provides make it much more expensive than a single-bevel one. 

But single bevel remains a favorable option, as it is more affordable and suitable for amateurs.


Single bevel one is much easier to use, as its targeted users are amateurs and do not specialize in woodworking. 

Contrary to that, the targeted users that double bevel heading towards are professionals who demand precise and high-quality tools. 


Hope that after reading this article, you guys can have a better understanding of the difference between single and double bevel miter saw.

See you next time with other useful reviews in details about home improvement tools!

Choosing a Watch for Your Woman? Keep These Things in Mind

how to choose a new watch for your lady

You know what?

When it comes to women’s watches, there are some very basic differences compared to men’s watches. And if you’re trying to buy a new watch for your beloved lady, then you need to keep these important things in mind.

Let’s take a look at them.

The first thing you should keep in mind is to always choose something that looks delicate and stylish. Because women don’t like anything that looks bulky and manly. If you’re stuck without any good idea, then I highly recommend you take a look at something luxurious for under $10,000.

It will surely make your loved one happy.

However, I do understand that not everybody has money to burn on a $10,000 watch, right?

That’s why the next point I want to share with you is all about the price of the watch.

Women’s watches tend to cost a little less compared to men’s watches. So, if you’re really tight on your budget, then you should take a look at the following price ranges.

For under $500, you can surely have a lot of choices from brands like Micheal Kors, Kate Spades, etc. Those watches are all good, and will surely make your girl look young and stylish as well.

For under $300, you now have some great deals from Citizen, Seiko, and other brands from Japan as well. And I think I don’t have to tell you how great those Japanese timepieces are, right?

And finally, if you really want to surprise your lady, then I highly recommend you gift-wrap the watch first before presenting it to her. That would surely be a nice surprise that both of you will enjoy for sure.

So, tell me what would you pick up.

How Can I Improve My Baseball Skills?

Does the question “How can I improve my baseball skills?” go on and on in your mind? If yes, follow here to find out the best ways for baseball practice.

People said that aptitude takes only 1% for the success, the rest 99% to reach the final goal is from your efforts. You may not be born with the talent to be a legendary baseball player John Henry Lloyd or the best pitcher like Roger Clemens but you absolutely can be a hero in your baseball battle. Read information about baseball!

So how?

A good baseball player is a person who has smooth coordination of swinging, hand-eye coordination, fast sprinting, batting and good fielding. These skills are required suitable physical strength and fitness. Follow the content below to answer your question “How can I improve my baseball skills?”

Sprinting Practice

Sprinting is especially needed when you play in a position as a fielder or batter. It plays an important role to successfully catch the incoming ball during fielding and for a batter needs to run from base to base.

So, although sprinting seems to be a simple way, it can effectively help in improving your baseball skills.

You can choose any place to practice sprinting, as long as it’s in an open area. To make it more similar to real baseball practice, the mark should be set with a space of each point exactly 90 feet in length – equal to the distance between bases. Then, start to sprint with the stopwatch to see how long it takes to reach the base. Day by day, you can see the speeding-up result.

Swinging Practice

Firstly, start to learn how to swing in the right way without a ball by choosing a bat in a suitable height and swing it at least 150 times per day. Closely take an eye on the body’s movement to have a proper posture.

When you are good at empty swinging, use a throwing machine for hitting practice. Don’t focus on the power and speed much at the beginning, a right aiming for accurate swinging is more important at this time. When you fluent in controlling the bat to hit in the right direction, continue exercising in greater power.

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Catching Practice

Catcher is considered as the most important position in baseball. Let’s start with the basic steps to have a steady base.

Play with the ball by tossing it at the wall and catch by your hands in gloves when that ball bounces back. For more effective, the recommended distance is 3 feet from the wall. You should do it around 30 times per day to have a quick reflex in catching the ball.

Wait, I have a tip here to share with you, about the finger direction. Notice the time when the ball is nearly coming, if it falls under your belly button, your fingers should point down and vice versa, they should point up when the ball is above the belly button. Just try, you can see how effective it is.

Hand-to-eye Coordination Practice

Hand-to-Eye Coordination, which is needed in fielding, swinging, and pitching, is the main skill in a whole baseball match.

Practice with two alternate hands to bounce the ball to the wall and toss it hand to hand for around 100 times per day. Gradually, this practice will help you have perfect coordination between hand and eyes that the entire movement is nearly your instinctive reaction.

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Overall, it’s not so difficult to improve your baseball skills. Hard work and regular exercise are the keys here, as long as you can put yourself into a scheduled routine and know what you need to improve most.

Thanks for reading! I hope that you have found the answer to baseball skill improvement through the information above.